Gili Nanggu – Lombok Amazing Tour 3 Days

Gili Nanggu – Lombok Amazing Tour 3 Days

Gili Nanggu package tour is perfect for those who love beaches such as snorkeling, swimming or walks on the beach. Besides Gili Nanggu we take you to visit tourist destinations such as Gili Sudak, Tangkong Gili and Gili Kedis.

For those of you who love to snorkel, travel packages could be an option for underwater life Gili Nanggu very pretty, and Gili Nanggu has the unique marine life like colorful fish to a variety of beautiful coral reefs.


We will pick you up at the airport in accordance with your arrival schedule and our travel journey today begins with a visit Kuta Beach has white sand shaped like grains of pepper and has a dazzling panorama, and you can also swim to refresh your body. Kuta Beach around we’ll have lunch.

After that proceed to Tanjung Ann Beach, which is located not far from Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan beach very comfortable, also has a sand-sized grains of pepper, the guarantee that you will be happy to visit Tanjung Ann Beach.

Next we will visit the famous village Sukarara through the manufacture of woven fabrics of Lombok.

Furthermore, we continue onward travel to the village of Sade, which is unique from this village is the traditional house made of clay mixed with buffalo dung. The village has a community that is still primitive than some traditional villages in Lombok.

The next traditional villages that we visited was Banyumulek, the village is very famous through craft earthenware and you can buy their work to take home as a souvenir.

After the Banyumulek then you will be escorted to the hotel and activities according to your wishes. In the evening, you will be picked up to enjoy the dinner and escorted back to the hotel.

Visited attractions: Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, Sukarare Village, Sade Village, and Banyumulek Village.

Sukarara Village Lombok


After your breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked to travel south of the island of Lombok is stricken regions Tawun, trips carried out for 1.5 hours to the port of Tawun. The journey to Gili Kedis using the boat about 25 minutes. Once you are there, you can do activities such as snorkeling or touring the island.

Then we continue to Gili Tangkong near of Gili Kedis. Gili Tangkong appeal is translucent white sand beaches and many underwater flora and fauna that exist around the beach.

After that we are going to Gili Sudak is a small island that has beautiful beaches and stunning coral reefs, you can snorkel to settle here. Lunch will be carried out in the local area.

After that we are going to Gili Nanggu which has a wide area so as to make the atmosphere more pleasant. There you can swim, snorkel and sunbathe. Once you are happy doing the activity, you will be escorted back to the harbor and the hotel is a place where you stay, and the middle of the journey we will stop at local restaurant for dinner. Tour today is finished.


Pura Lingsar Temple Lombok

When finished eating breakfast and had prepared myself and baggage to check out of the hotel, you will be picked up in the morning and immediately following the city tour with a visit Pura Lingsar (a place hallowed by the community believes Hindus and Muslims believe Islam Waktu Telu). If you are lucky you can see the fish Moa (giant eel).

After a visit to Lingsar, We are going to Narmada Park (resting place of the Kings during the Hindu kingdom in the past). Around the park you can be found and try the “fountain of youth” hallowed by the community believes Hindu, if you bathe or drink water it will feel younger.

After the Narmada Park, the tour will be interspersed with enjoying lunch at a local eating place. On the way to the airport, we will go to places Lombok souvenirs as you see fit some sort of: pearl, honey, salted eggs, etc. Once you are satisfied will we transfer to the Lombok International Airport (BIL) to go back to your home. Tour has been completed.

Attractions visited: Pura Lingsar, Narmada Park, The Souvenir Shop

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